About us

The Subthreshold Ophthalmic Laser Society (SOLS) was established to facilitate discussion between specialist and professionals in this industry, to encourage research opportunities, innovative collaborations and knowledge and skill exchange and to be up to date in any advances in the field and its management.


Our mission

To promote and encourage the exchange of information through education and collaborative research.

To raise public awareness and improve standardized protocols for treatment based on consensus from global key opinion leaders.

Our vision

To encourage and support subthreshold laser research and enable the broadcasting of its results

To promote contributions to the medical and scientific research

To provide a platform for education and engagement

To promote subthreshold laser achievements worldwide

To improve best practices

To disseminate high quality subthreshold laser information to patients and public

To supporting research projects designed to foster the development and knowledge and skill exchange in medical and surgical applications linked to the technology.

To support regional, national, and international networking of laser and retinal health care professionals.

To provide an infrastructure and platform to coordinate collaboration and exchange by those interested in retinal imaging.

Welcome to the Subthreshold Ophthalmic Laser Society Website


SOLS is a new laser society to support the clinical uses of subthreshold lasers in ophthalmology. We are planning to develop best practices for different laser machines in different indications, to encourage data sharing in identifying knowledge gaps, and to design and perform new clinical trials.

President of SOLS

Board of directors

Dr Victor Chong

President, USA

Dr Lihteh Wu

Vice President, Costa Rica

Dr Jay Chhablani

Hon. Secretary, USA

Dr Alejandro Filloy Rius

Assistant Hon. Secretary, Spain

Dr Kenneth Fong

Treasurer, Malaysia

Executive committee

  • Dr Anand Rajendran, India
  • Dr Barbara Parolini, Italy
  • Dr Christine Kiire, United Kingdom
  • Dr Emil Sjahreza, Indonesia
  • Dr Fang Lu, China
  • Dr Francisco Rodriguez, Republic of Colombia
  • Dr Gus Gazzard, United Kingdom
  • Dr Jans Fromow Guerra, Mexico
  • Dr José Antonio Roca Fernández, Perú
  • Dr Liu Xiao Ling, China
  • Dr Maciej Gawecki, Poland
  • Dr Marten Brelen, Hong Kong
  • Dr Stela Vujosevic, Italy
  • Dr Zhang Xinyuan, China